black fathers matter, 2/2


More, the spirit of war fights without
A knowledge of what it’s fighting for
Confined in its flaws & its frustration
Blind to sure laws & pure defamation

Again, obviously isn’t really obvious
As a plain remain lacking an explain
Telling: Don’t fall for the bate in play
Yelling: Don’t brawl injustice this way

The youth who has bled are as ready
From quotes; never too to take notes
Accepting & defending the narrative
As yet, misunderstanding the relative

Now, totally confused to its own fate
Used to a wow of getting away with it
Intolerance still the last resort (only)
In court… “Violence kills the money”

By lend; the winner, wins in confuse
In the end; the loser chooses to lose
Bottomless means free fall. (Careful)
Fatherlessness is the score. (Awful)

© Ricardo Sexton