lost love (his)

He is a friendly guy – I haven’t see him lately
People come up to me to – Telling me, he is getting lazy

Knowing him, I could edit – I’ve never given up on him
For the man is worth credit – At the start he loved her

For him, she was the one – But a baby was in the way
Came and took all away – Unfortunately, she is gone

He thinks it’s all done – So he throws everything up
And starts to walk in the sun – He finds it hard to see

A meaning being alone – On his own, it will be…
Hard to try to overcome – And his heart still pumping

But he doesn’t want to live – As his friend, I can’t believe
He has become so insensitive – Not he, no one can interfere

Seeing him harming his heath – His dream became Lost Love
And left him by himself – He can’t hide from it

There’s no way to pretend – My advice to him is…
Be strong – it’s not the end – Win some, lose some, but live

It will be a big difference – Going back from this distance
And try to wipe away this – Problem from its existence

© Ricardo Sexton