a fee must be sold

I saw [a boy] running in the leak
And, time dragging him to trough
So, I placed my feet in the creek
And I guess I never took them off

The Sun [still] shines on this road
That I have not passed it to enter
I saw a woman preparing a mode
I stopped to glance… at the venter

Life befriends art. Death disagree
“That is the part time taught me”
The Sun crosses ‘roads between’
After ink, a road has never been

Like white hairs. Like a bald artist
Time: never stops. Never gets old.
The Sun and a road rips a harvest
Hot/cold alike, a fee must be sold

Through the fighting, I heard: Cries
Led to false-bottoms, a hidden wish
The righteous of things were: Tries!
The effortless versus a teary anguish

© Ricardo Sexton