no nexus

Where will we arrive at? Can anyone see…
that anything in excess will kill you and me
– Our ignorance remains concentrated here
Hallucinated, unconscious by combined fear

Honestly! You don’t understand your picked choice?
Losing our pecked notion, we’ve changed the cause
Yesterday our protest was “Racism and police force”
Today is lifestyle to boast, and to die for, of course

If money was not enough, it wasn’t the right amount
If you truly want to adapt… you better learn to count
Your achievement [fertilizes] your enemy’s personality
This self-worth veils the eyes of others in this reality

What do you want? Applauses? Have a taste!
Please… Don’t be a pig, don’t celebrate waste.
Go on. If makes it right to be sincerely wrong
I’m not. I can only tell you the truth. I’m done

I’m in the same proportion of everyone else’s realism
It’s territorial, social, holy, cold, interracial & cynicism.
– Our intellectual advancement, had an adverse effect
We kill ourselves for stuff without link to life’s project

© Ricardo Sexton