when you go back

When you go back, you hide the core
The daily bad is lack. The had is more
It kills this thirst, and cures this doubt
First, you must leave that roundabout

You see it, but you will not say: it lied
It is so simple, & still, you turn a blind
This story seems like a movie to leak
Yes! the same one you saw last week

No “Happy Ending” this is so normal
“Virtual reality” is much more formal
It dictates us, as “just entertainment”
Plus navigates, along our resentment

By conform you learned. Don’t deny!
That’s perfect, through an uniform lie
Why? remains a programmed content
The given rose carries no more scent

(No what) …even with a troubled gut
Vain! But you’ll remain in the viral plot
Masked, but breathing the toxic fume
The trailer & movie motto is consume

© Ricardo Sexton