As the sky smiles, the street tears the chunks
Fear units more than courage, a rock has sunk
Wants the knowledge, he is back to that youth
The barefoot cries, are unknown to love & truth

He’ll never forget, lessons learned through hurt
A tasted victory, a forced witness, a false rebirth
A wish for the first job, like a dream due in time
A dime in a pocket, back turned to plea of crime

Not to fly in the private jet, nor that endless sum
But to try, to wave hi, to live among the common
Amid, he finally accepts: “God has the final word”
And ‘school’ is the best way in the modern world

Head held high, he goes after it, bold to the effort
He picks up a shield, wipes the blade of the sword
Intimate battle waged in a heart, begin of healing
The brave takes on a Big World. ‘G. Guy vs. Villain’

Freedom is what everyone wants, & ‘he does too’
But, without conflict, he still between good & evil
Realizing; a life goes fast, and ‘peace is necessary’
Too much was not asked, for everything’s so scary

© Ricardo Sexton


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Thanks you.


Chapter Two: CIIPHER


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