Oh senseless ‘heart’. Oh beating chancer
Its chest is a door that no one will answer
Ever racing but never gaining the lead in
And when it does is to say: – I’m leaving.

Plus, no bright smile can make it content
Besides, its ‘live’ feelings remains absent
Its tears are frozen and the love is the sub
Whispers of comfort, are yells of confront
They’re simple mouths opening & closing
W/out a single dumb sound willing to dub

The feared weariness has hostage its eyes
It cries: – “I’m no good to the wisest advice”
So, now it says goodbye before anyone call
The mirror is broken. It won’t play anymore

© Ricardo Sexton


2 thoughts on “REV||VER:049

  1. Sad story, Ricardo, but I believe the heart can survive and find joy again…

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