The cold world have failed to see
Life is more than it is hailed to be
Hear! ‘That Future’ is here & now
This Present is clear. Look. Wow!

At an optimistic view to perceive
A past in return: breathe, believe
It burns, for… it lacks the change
In fact: “it’s setbacks ’til the end”

Spell: what is this common world
Tell: where is this summon world
It is an absolute doubt syndrome
Idol, Warrior, Hero. No Outcome!

Some have thrown their ‘lit exist’
Feeling done, all out of ‘beating’
Some have returned to be beast
As others are back to ‘beginning

No eyes, zeal, heal & no sacrifice.

© Ricardo Sexton



  1. That’s a good way to walk your dog to death, reminds me of those idiots on bikes who make their dogs work themselves to death.

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