He was independent. (No help from none)
He knew what he wanted …and moved on
By himself; one day he would be someone

He was different from the crowd’s appeals
Spoke what nobody says… Everyone feels!
His words alone are enough for many deals

What is wrong? …He did not ask for much!
He just wanted to be loved …and why not?
He never thought too much, as no one did.
He always agreed to the sum said. (He hid)

At first it was fun, another lost, another tilt
Suddenly he failed without a sense of guilt
Later was blinded for falling in luv with ego
He went from Fan to Fame / Jenga to Lego

So much, for a beginning, a middle, an end
Too much for a change, caught by pretend
He’d not predict an end to the days of heat
He dropped to a bottom, looking at his feet

© Ricardo Sexton


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