Let’s celebrate… the stupidity of it all
Clapping at our neighbour’s downfall
Let’s celebrate… the future’s achieves
Joining cowards, murders and thieves

Let’s celebrate… the root’s circumcision
Dropping parenthood for the television
Let’s celebrate… the honest government
Thriving by our jolly suffering & lament

Let’s celebrate… the ‘Kids’ out of school
Laying street kids in the aberration’s pool
Let’s celebrate… the cooperative disunity
Deeded by losing to corruption’s honesty

Let’s celebrate… the justice patience
Vainly chanting greed & defamation
Let’s celebrate… the critical prejudice
The vote of the illiterate, seeks ‘this’

Let’s celebrate… the poisoned water
Taxed, the riots to across the border
Let’s celebrate… the child/slave labour
The kidnappings for organs; (favour)

Let’s celebrate… the lacks & conspiracy
Devoting full affectation for hypocrisy
Let’s celebrate… the epidemic ground
It’s a party. We are the winning crowd

© Ricardo Sexton


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