• HERS •

She never thought of a life – Where a kid takes care of a baby
When you search for it, you find it – She found the answer to her maybe

Now her parents are answering – Questions that she would never ask
They explaining her huge task – And of scars that will surely last

She had to left school – Just another teen drop
16 years old and no qualification – Her beauty, that’s all she got

Now she has no choice – But to make it on her on way
Working Monday to Sunday – But, it takes her fun away

Living for two must be hard – Her friends think it’s a shame
Because she’s too young – To be stuck in this game

With nobody to help – Her deal with her pain
She tried suicide once – And she will try it again

Her mistake made her – Become a victim of Lost Love
For all her problems – She blames the one above

Not very smart for – Someone with a broken heart
How about looking back – And try for a new start

Lost Love still can be found – She’ll see the difference it makes
You just got to be up – To do whatever it takes

© Ricardo Sexton


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