“Unconditioned truth”
…only holds… the Wise
It is efficient and sufficient.
Don’t enter the same river twice!

STOP! Here, arrives the freedom of reason:
Feels like a real wanderer, but, all is not lost
Every conviction is belief of being in season
At some point of knowledge comes the cost

– We are living in the time of the individuals
But… ‘only after’ we leave the city’s nipples
Then, we will see how high are their towers
They are above every house. [‘above ours’]

Peace on earth to wholeheartedly men (as set)
There is so many dawns that haven’t shone yet
I live in an answered home. My own ‘hold cabin’
And its ‘old door’ is open to you too! – Come In!

“HE is here!” My heart and my write came to say
I’ve said already: CARPE DIEM – “Seize The Day”
Because: every mirror, only shows ‘what we wish’
The Word done more to man, than men done to it

© Ricardo Sexton


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