Now, glancing at the present state
Rear-viewing a future, predicting a past
As someone, who blinds to ever last
Lying to all, while trying to integrate

Another story with a different face
Another kiss with that same taste
It was too soon and couldn’t go right
Here’s another cold day and overcast

The tide has turned, gifting its back
Another question, the same answer
Nights burns, the days are ever alike
The same picture, but another censor

Wanting to fly, but afraid of heights
The blue sky makes some nauseous
Others fall to never feel the solid sites
So sure, but lost the reason to cautions

If it was a mistake, there lays the debate
If it had a beginning, it must have a gate
Living and learning… To lose, to regret
Living and learning… To choose, to forget

© Ricardo Sexton


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