“I crossed the desert”. Nobody saw me pass.
Walked alone, I could no longer see the past
The solitude was good; I tried to tell my fear.
I saw you: So far to reach. Somehow so near

I found you in that desert. You saw me pass!
I was running lost. I couldn’t see at long last.
I looked at myself …to finally place (the dot)
I was so close to reach. *But, [you were not]

Later came [a silence], as in a cathedral hall
In the temple in me, where I can image it all
I only ‘twist & turn’, but I know it must exist
If, I try to resist… it drops and slaps my wrist

Loneliness? – Who can avoid: [the specular]
I’d meet you at last, but your heart is secular
Dreams flows within me, so slow but in fact
Tomorrow, you can’t tell me how to get back

If I’d say: “it was for love” …it would lie to me
If I leave it for later; I will be forced to agree
I tried (speech) to finally dry the ink I smear
I saw you! So far to reach. Somehow so near

© Ricardo Sexton


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