Oh solo songs, pyroclastic speech & tones
(‘It’) …blends inner tears, to goose bumps
Stirs emotions, no fragment, unfit to steer
An ocean in length, it pierces with a spear

I’m not too far to feel, a request / an appeal
A craved glance, turned into a bare mirage
An ill, fenced solitude, sentenced to the kill
A suffocating distance, ‘births my courage’

In play, today the reminisce lays a dial away
(Mayday) for a time to Wide, by a shy to say
Ring, ring, ring. No, no, no, answering a call
Time tics freely. (Shhh) no, nothing personal

No stop! I up my rant, foraging a past at last
Awaking the dormant, never coming to past
– “Could this be is just a memory?” – Within!
I conclude (its Will), and reminisce with me

© Ricardo Sexton


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