If you ask me, softly, almost whispering for proof
Do I believe that God exists? [‘and can I prove it’]
I will breathe in, smiling with much delight. Then:
I will show with ‘a simple metaphor’ for enlighten

Life is beautiful and it can be lived with pleasure
And by valuing (Simpler Things) we see it better
Soon we get up to breathe & to live another one
Yet missing to see in an uncover repeating song

God is this air that I feel. – So super & so natural
And never failed to fill my lungs. So unmensural
I know, many people follows the suffocation dare
If you wish to know how to breathe… ‘ask the Air’

This is an asphyxiation, intellectual, supernatural.
Let there be Asphyxia to mortal. – Is it abnormal?
Are you choking, heavy laden? I got (Air) with me.
It’s simple: Breathe! No fear, just breathe. It’s free

© Ricardo Sexton



  1. I love this, just breathe. We should remember how easy it is and how lucky we are to be able to breathe. Thanks for the reminder.

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