For, here you sow, there you reap
For the flower to glow, it must sip
It is necessary to water this peace
It is necessary to care & not cease

It will take a lot, so much to change
Bring will power, attitude, & intent
To lead it, to reap it, we must chase
Up that speed. Burst! Win this race

Equip courage! Grip it by the base
We wish for peace and want justice
Right to fight and not grant silence
For, “injustice is a form of violence”

Dignity to every citizen, high & low
More respect + less discrimination
To inequality: No! to impunity: No!
– War neglects our ‘yes’ aspiration

Loan me some for troubles within
Sum: I need peace, as it needs me
Please, helps us to defeat struggle
Peace is our voice, and our huddle

© Ricardo Sexton


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